Stacey Paprocki

My name is Stacey Paprocki and I currently reside with my husband of 13 years and my seven year old twin daughters in Will County, IL. I have always had an interest in wanting to help others and to work with children. In 2004 I graduated from Lewis University with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and Human Services. For many years after earning my degree I worked with adults with intellectual disabilities helping them with everything from living skills to finding employment.

While watching my girls grow and develop I noticed that one of my girls was developing physical, social and mental attributes not common with her age group. I took her to see various specialists and she was later diagnosed with Torticollis and Plagiocephaly. She went through extensive physical therapy and was given a head band to wear for about six months. As I continued to watch them grow and develop I started noticing other delays. So I quickly turned to Early Interventions for help. Through this process I learned that my daughters were lagging in their development as well as speech. I saw a physical therapist, developmental therapist, speech therapist, and occupational therapist coming in and out of my home weekly working with my children. The therapists truly helped my children grow and develop, while supporting my husband and I every step of the way.

Seeing everything my daughters went through gave me the push I needed to pursue my dreams. In 2011 I graduated from Kendall College where I earned my Type 04 Early Childhood Teaching Certificate. After earning my degree I had the opportunity to teach private preschool and kindergarten. At this present time I work in a public school setting with preschoolers that have been diagnosed with Autism. I have a passion for learning and want to be the best educator I can be. So now I am currently attending Lewis University working to earn my endorsements in the areas of Learning and Behavior Specialist and English as a Second Language. Being that Early Interventions was a such a huge part of my family’s lives for so long, it is important for me to give back. So I am happy to say that I am highly skilled and knowledgeable professional that is certified as a teacher as well as a certified Developmental Therapist through the state of Illinois.